Zana Zana Collection - Shirt

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Original collection created by artist Zuzana Knoblochová exclusively for GEO fashion and for all customers who have their original and fresh style.

Artist Zuzana Knoblochová (using art nickname Zana Zana) has devoted to mediation of art techniques to broad public since 1999 - she runs classes of linocut, drawing, textile production and painting.

Zana Zana herself says about the collection:

"If I can apply art on useful things succesfully, I consider this connection as perfect. Drawing is my most favourite expressing tool, in this case it is a connection of drawn proposal with high-rate printing on pleasant and practical material. I hope it will belong to your favourite things in your fashionable garderobe."

First-rate Cheery blouse for ladies with 3/4 sleeves made of hanging and non-translucent material. The style sets a lady's silhouette off very well. There are turn-up cuffs with a decorative cut on the sleeve.

* Tolerance velikostí +/- 1 cm

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Zana Zana Collection - Shirt white

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