Colop Stamp Writer- pencil with the stamp

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Stamp Writer's stamp hidden in quality and modern ballpoint pen that will be appreciated every geocacher. Any cache you will be never suprised.

The shape of the fingerprint: rectangle
Color Impressions: black
Size of imprint: 33 x 8 mm
Color: orange, dark blue, dark red

How is the production?

-If we have ever done your stamp or CWG- In this case, send us an email after the order to with your nick. Suggestions we archived.

-I have a suggestion - if you have your own design, send it to us after the order via email to Top in vector format (. Cdr (version 11). Ai,. Pdf,. Svg),you can send the image in other formats. If you don't figure in the vectors (curves), you can also send us a bitmap (. Jpg,. Png,. Gif, ....) as far as quality. For vectorization are the best black and white images in outline (contours). Alternatively, you can paint your proposal manually (preferably black pen) and then take a picture / scan.

- I have an idea - in this case you can describe to us your idea (in comments on order) What do you want / have on a stamp. We'll try to create a proposal if it'll be in our potency. Designing is FREE.

Size toleration +/- 1 cm

* Tolerance velikostí +/- 1 cm

Obj.číslo Barva Velikost a počet kusů
Razítko Colop Stamp Writer - tužka s raz

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