Sanyo XX Eneloop AA NiMH 4 pcs (2nd generation)

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Nominal tension: 1,2 V
Typical capacity: 2550 mAh (min. 2450 mAh)
Charging current limit: 1C (2,5 A)
Lifespan up to 500 cycles of charging
Diameter: 14,5 mm, length: 50,4 mm
Weight: 30 gramms
No memory effect, can be anytime charged
Delivery: 4 pcs Sanyo XX Eneloop AA
Baterries are precharged with solar energy to 40 % of the capacity directly from the producer
Made in Japan

* Tolerance velikostí +/- 1 cm

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Sanyo XX Eneloop AA NiMH 4ks (2. generac universal