White magnetic foil 0,7 mm

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This magnetic foil is 62 cm wide, you can cut it with common scissors and make it to required shapes. There is a possibility to mark it with common markers, pencils and ballpoint pens. 

The magnetic foil offer you a large scale of use. It is used mainly for promotional purposes. Its great quality can be used even in geocaching mainly if you set up and create caches. Another advantage of the foil is its easy application and re-application.

The price is for common metre.

Warning: Do not move magnetic foil nearer to neodymium magnets, it can be demagnetized.

Thickness: 0,7 mm
Width: 620 mm

* Tolerance velikostí +/- 1 cm

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Bílá magnetická fólie 0,7 mm - bm white

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