Coloured Wood Geocoin spruce (50pcs)

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What does complete production of WG contains?
- The knots come from the Nothern Moravia and are graded by hand
- Rendition of high quality
- Unmatched services
- Swiftness
- The price includes plastic bags

The Wood Geocoin (the WG) is a small wood knot with your design, that is printed and fastened by higher preasure and temperature to the wood. The WG is not trackable and is intended to be collected and traded in geocaches.

How is the production under way?
- I have my own proposal – if you have your own proposal, you can send it after ordering by e-mail to The best way is to send it in a vector format (.cdr up to version 14, .ai) For vectorisation there are black and white pictures in contures the most suitable.

- I have an idea – in this case you can describe your own idea to us. You can draw your own proposal by hand (black micromarker) and after that take a photo of it or scan it. We are able to create your proposal.

Before we start making we will send you a propasal for correction to your e-mail.

* Tolerance velikostí +/- 1 cm

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Barevné CWG smrk (50 ks) spruce

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